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Date:2002-03-23 11:29
Subject:. . . . . . . . .
Mood: grumpy

"Wastingg my time"
That song is in my head.
Am I?


To quote Korn...
"I need somebody.. Someone."
"I can't stand to let you in.
I'm just watching you
and I don't know what to do.
Feeling like a fool inside.
Feeling all the love you hide.
Seems it never ends.
I need somebody.. someone.
Can't somebody help me.
Giving and getting nothing back.
Feeling like a fool inside
I am nothing.
I need somebody.. someone
Can't somebody help me.
I look
I need someone
Inside to help me out
With what
I'm trying
I'm crying
I'm dying
I'm dying
I need somebody.. somebody.. somebody.. Someone"
:repeat above 2 times:

"Wanna pull my head off
I feel so bad inside
I wish you could see the world through my eyes
I just want to live again.
Keep hoping
Nothing to spare
Feel like a whore
A dirty whore
Such a whore
I'm out here by myself
All alone
I wanna pull my head off
I feel so bad inside
I wish you could see the world through my eyes.
I just wanna live again.
Just wanna live again.
You dirty little bug
I can't take it
I hurt so bad inside
I wish you could see the world through my eyes
It stays the same
I just wanna live again."

Following Zeke's lead..
State of the Helen Address.....

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Date:2002-03-22 19:52
Mood: rejected

so tired of this shit.
Still can't get a hold of Adam, so that's what three weeks now? Fuck him. I would say I still have Zeke but I'm not so sure. Why's everything got to be so fucking complicated?

I feel the urge to cut right now. But I'm not. Here's my spring break.. I went out once, last friday and had to be home at midnight. Woopedifuckin do.
I just need to go take a shower, tell my parents I'm going to Nicoles, buy a pack of ciggerrettes, and have some alone time for a little while.

Damnitt I want to cut.
FUCK. I can't.

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Date:2002-03-22 11:12

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Date:2002-03-22 11:05
Mood: sad

I want to say somethin but if I do it'll make zeke think he hurt my feelings and he'll apologize, which he doesn't need to. I just feel bad because he's feeling so bad right now :( I wish there was something I could do.

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Date:2002-03-21 18:26


a magician with knowledge of the mystic

adaptable; enigmatic; aloof
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Date:2002-03-21 17:52

1. Full Name: Helen Anne Sewell
2. Nicknames: Uhm.. Poop
3. Height: 5'9"
4. Shoe size: 9
5. Birthday: December 7th :)
6. Sign: Sag
7. Where do you live: Niceville, Florida
8. Sex: Yes please! (FeMale)

ON GUYS (for girls only)

9. Boxers or briefs? Boxers
10. Long or short hair? uhm depends on guy
11. Tall or short: tall
12. Six pack or muscular arms: neither
13. Good or bad guy: naughty in bed. lol
14. Hat or no hat?: depends
15. Ears pierced or not: depends
16. Tan or Fair? pale :)
17. dark or light eyes: Either
18. Stubble or neatly shaved: depends on guy
19. Rugged or sporty: rugged
20. Studly or cutie: cutie
21. Accent or not: depends on accept

ON GIRLS (for guys only)
22. Painted nails or not: Don't care
23. Cute n' mysterious or wild n' sexy: Wild
24. Dressy or casual: Naked
25. Dark or blonde: Darker
26. Long or short hair: Long
27. Dark or light eyes: light
28. Long or short nails: Not long enough to claw me whenever we're giving/receiving massages.
29. Good or bad girl: Hmmm... Middle... Likes to be good, but knows how to be naughty, or is naughty and knows how to be good... lol... Damn, I'm just indecisive....
30. Hair up or down: Her choice. I can't dictate all that she does. I like it down sometimes so that it can float around ruggedly and get all in our faces when I meet her outside for a kiss between classes, but at the same time, if she wanted to tie it up to keep it out of her face when her and I went roller blading, it'd be cool.
31. Jewelry or none: Whatever, but remember, MODERATION! (Piercings aren't included in jewelry :P)
32. Tall or short: Hmmm... I really don't care...

33. Chocolate or white milk: Skim Milk
34. Root beer or dr. pepper: Damn... Uhhhh... Both
35. Mud or Jell-O wrestling: Hmmmm... Jell-O wrestling... I could eat it off of her afterwards ;)
36. Sunshine or rain: A nice rainy day where I can stay in and snuggle, but then the sun afterwards so that I could romp in the lovely weather outside...
37. vanilla or chocolate: White chocolate
38. Day or night: Night, most undoubtably
39. Summer or winter: Autumn
40. Cake or pie: Cheesecake
41. Love or lust: Love... And this is an absolute answer.
42. Silver or gold: Both too gaudy... but I'd have to say gold
43. Diamond or pearl: Diamonds are forever...
44. Sunset or sunrise: Sunset, the colors across the sky, and just to sit there, with someone I care about as the colors play across our eyes, and then we lay out and watch the stars...
45. Have you ever gone skinny dipping? Yeap
46. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: Does bindi or zeke count?
47. Have you ever broke/sprained/fractured a bone: Nope
48. Do you have any tattoos: tehe
49. Experienced love at first sight? .....
50. What's your favorite color: Dark red, black..
51. What's your favorite band: everything
52. Who's the loudest: in bed?
53. Do you want your friends to do this survey: yes.
54. Do you sing in the shower: Hmmmm... not as of recently...
55. Who do you like: hmm whats his name? Bob? Mike? Hey you? :)
56. Favorite movie: American beauty, the green mile, the crow

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Date:2002-03-21 11:32

Zeke is a poop on a stick, he won't ever admit in this infernal thing the "relationship" no not an ld.. that we have.. lol.. poop on a poop on a stick!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Date:2002-03-20 17:18
Mood: apathetic

I'm watchin a show on Tattooeing. Makes me want to finish mine..
Mmm I miss Zeke..
He made me cry last night.. lol No not by being mean. He just said some things I didn't know he felt. Strange. I can see snuggling with him late at night or whatnot.. I dunno.. Hard to explain I guess.. I like talkinm to him though.. one of those, it hurts not to talk to him thing.. scary i know.. GRRR I want the rest of my tattooes now.

I've actually been working on homework all day, woohoo. Also scary.. Moved the porn out of my room so my mom can start painting it.. We'll see if she does..
I wish I knew more of what Zeke is thinking.

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Date:2002-03-19 22:00

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Date:2002-03-19 17:43

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Date:2002-03-19 00:44

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Date:2002-03-19 00:23

lol my self esteem just is flyin righ tnow :/

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Date:2002-03-18 20:15
Subject:I bored,

STarted on my take home exam.. three pages front and back for only like 6 questions.. there are 23 questions.. ugh...
So let's see, what else need I do?
like 8 papers for english
Religion Notecard
Finish this damn exam
do 7 independent writeups *already done the projects*
Do my Report.. and... oh yes work on anatomy some more.. ERGH I can't procrastinate any longer.. it's almost tuesday and im not done with anything. FUCK.
I keep thinking about ADAM! Someone shoot me.. I miss his hugs :/
The ones where he wraps his arms around my waist as tight as he can and i wrap my arms kind of around his neck and rest my head on his shoulder while his is on mine.. sigh. Maybe if I immerse myself in school I'll forget about him.
Not likely.
God I miss him.

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Date:2002-03-18 19:53

Figured out my whole freakin schedule for college.. It's not so bad..

Summer 2002
BSC1010C - Biology
MAC1105 - Algebra
MCB2010C - Micro Bio
CIS1000 = CGS2100 - Intro to computer science
Total Credit Hours= 14

Possible Fall 2002
ENC1102 *term 2* - eng comp 2
BSC1086C - Anatomy 2
STA2023 *term 2 or 3* - statistics
CHM2045C - Chemistry
BSC1011C - Bio 2
PHY2048C - Physics for engineers and scientists 1

Total Credit Hours= 21

Possible Spring 2003
CHM2046C - Chem 2
MAC2311 - Calculus
PHY2049C - Physics for Engineers and scientists 2
Dr. Heath Class *term3*
CGS1570 *term 2* - Comp applications for business
Total Credit Hours= 21

Need to complete organic 1/2 then all prereqs for micro AND medical technology are met.
Organic 1/2

All needed then to finish Micro =
PCB3063 = Genetics
BCH4053= Biochemistry
BSC3404= Quantitative biological methods
PCB3523=Molecular bio 1
6 restricted elective courses *two of these are included with medtech, the two with stars*

All needed to finish Med tech (*counts as both med tech and micro*)

MLS3220 Clinical Microscopy
MLS4625 Clinical Chemistry 1
PCB3233/L Immunology
MLS4430 Parasiteology
*MLS3305 Hematology
MLS4630 Clinical Chemistry 2
MLS4506 Immunodiagnostics
HSA4700 Research in health sciences
MLS4550 Clinical immuno hematology
MLS4460 Clinical Pathogenic microbio
MLS4420 Mycology
*MLS4334 Hemostasis
MLS4933 MLS seminar
MLS3705 Education/ Management
Then Senior practicums1-5

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Date:2002-03-18 18:51

on a stick

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Date:2002-03-18 11:44

I am 0-20% Ghetto

I don't even know what ghetto is? Fuckin Preppy. I better hop in my beamer - head for the hood and get some chicken, watermelon, and neports.

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Date:2002-03-18 11:41

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Date:2002-03-18 11:38

You are Stupendous Man!
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Date:2002-03-18 00:23
Subject:All I want

Is ZEKE TO COME BACK ONLINE!!!!!!!! lol. Damn punk. Where's my bitch when I need some loving?!

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Date:2002-03-17 22:45
Mood: anxious

I miss zeke!


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