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Figured out my whole freakin schedule for college.. It's not so bad..

Summer 2002
BSC1010C - Biology
MAC1105 - Algebra
MCB2010C - Micro Bio
CIS1000 = CGS2100 - Intro to computer science
Total Credit Hours= 14

Possible Fall 2002
ENC1102 *term 2* - eng comp 2
BSC1086C - Anatomy 2
STA2023 *term 2 or 3* - statistics
CHM2045C - Chemistry
BSC1011C - Bio 2
PHY2048C - Physics for engineers and scientists 1

Total Credit Hours= 21

Possible Spring 2003
CHM2046C - Chem 2
MAC2311 - Calculus
PHY2049C - Physics for Engineers and scientists 2
Dr. Heath Class *term3*
CGS1570 *term 2* - Comp applications for business
Total Credit Hours= 21

Need to complete organic 1/2 then all prereqs for micro AND medical technology are met.
Organic 1/2

All needed then to finish Micro =
PCB3063 = Genetics
BCH4053= Biochemistry
BSC3404= Quantitative biological methods
PCB3523=Molecular bio 1
6 restricted elective courses *two of these are included with medtech, the two with stars*

All needed to finish Med tech (*counts as both med tech and micro*)

MLS3220 Clinical Microscopy
MLS4625 Clinical Chemistry 1
PCB3233/L Immunology
MLS4430 Parasiteology
*MLS3305 Hematology
MLS4630 Clinical Chemistry 2
MLS4506 Immunodiagnostics
HSA4700 Research in health sciences
MLS4550 Clinical immuno hematology
MLS4460 Clinical Pathogenic microbio
MLS4420 Mycology
*MLS4334 Hemostasis
MLS4933 MLS seminar
MLS3705 Education/ Management
Then Senior practicums1-5
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