Ask :) (bindee) wrote,
Ask :)

I bored,

STarted on my take home exam.. three pages front and back for only like 6 questions.. there are 23 questions.. ugh...
So let's see, what else need I do?
like 8 papers for english
Religion Notecard
Finish this damn exam
do 7 independent writeups *already done the projects*
Do my Report.. and... oh yes work on anatomy some more.. ERGH I can't procrastinate any longer.. it's almost tuesday and im not done with anything. FUCK.
I keep thinking about ADAM! Someone shoot me.. I miss his hugs :/
The ones where he wraps his arms around my waist as tight as he can and i wrap my arms kind of around his neck and rest my head on his shoulder while his is on mine.. sigh. Maybe if I immerse myself in school I'll forget about him.
Not likely.
God I miss him.
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